The Migraine Diaries


Coming February 2026 from JackLeg Press

The Migraine Diaries is a novel about the comorbidity of grief and chronic illness and, in the face of both, the struggle to stay alive and human.

When he begins hallucinating at the funeral for his best friend, a 30-something man must confront his grief even as an emerging chronic illness threatens to consume his entire existence.

An epistolary novel reminiscent of the fragmented style of Justin Torres’s Blackouts or Jenny Offill's Weather, The Migraine Diaries follows the suffering narrator as he and the rest of his friend group cope with their friend KJ’s fatal stroke. However, as the narrator’s chronic illness refuses to relent, his own grasp on life slips further and further away. Cyclical, poetic, and hallucinatory, the novel is in part an investigation of the comorbidity of grief and illness as well as a drama on the trials and joys of daily life.