FIRST COSMIC VELOCITY coming Summer 2019 from Putnam

I made up my own version of the Soviet space program!

3, 2, 1, liftoff

GRAVITY CHANGES now available!

Order my debut story collection online or ask your favorite independent bookseller to get you a copy!

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100 Things to Do in Savannah Before You Die

A travel guide for tourists and locals alike, now available from Reedy Press.

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Short Stories & Such

“The Eating Habits of Famous Actors” in The Conium Review: Vol. 4

Read my story about an film extra who may or may not still inhabit the reality of the movie in which he extra-ed. Vol. 4 is also available in a super-fancy-amazoid wooden-box-filled-with-chapbooks edition.

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I got a story all up in Pacifica Literary Review!

This is my newest story and also the one that is most about driving while pursued by non-corporeal entities.

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Read “A Manual For Making Butterflies” in Beecher’s, a magazine named after my ancestor

I write way too many stories about children falling significant distances.

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“Children in Alaska” in The Black Warrior Review

This is the story of a man married to a giant lightbulb and the importance of conversion vans in such a relationship. Now available in Black Warrior Review 41.2

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“Cockpuncher” now available in Hotel Amerika

No cocks were harmed in the writing of this story.

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“My 9/11 Story” in Forklift, Ohio

I promised I would never write a story about 9/11.

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“Sleeping Bears” in The Conium Review: Vol. 3

I'll be honest - the title of this story came about because I misremembered the old adage "let sleeping dogs lie." The journal is also available in a fancy deluxe edition made from wood. Wood!

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“Gravity Changes” in The Brooklyn Review

Like most writers, I have several stories about children falling to their deaths. It all started with Icarus, folks.

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Sometimes I write academicishly (w/ Stephanie Grimm) about comic books and jazz!

Learn how you can use concepts from jazz improvisation to make better comic book pages! Really!

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“The Loneliness of Large Bathrooms”

A story of love in an infinite public restroom.

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“the sound of two things meeting but failing to merge” in Caketrain

A two-headed girl and a boat that floats in the sky and other vignettes about things not coming together.

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“When as Children We Acted Memorably” in the Writing That Risks Anthology

Just your average childhood story of friendship and an above-ground pool that teleports people.

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“Extispicy” in PANK

An entire story about entrails.

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Other Things

Rad review and interview for Gravity Changes up in Whurk Magazine!

The print version contains the largest photo of me ever published.

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Interview with Black Warrior Review

The interview in which I win being interviewed.

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I interviewed Kelly Luce for the Tin House blog!

Kelly's new novel, Pull Me Under, was released November 1, and you should all read it.

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“Use Your Spoon” in Phoebe

With great power comes great responsibility, so it's probably better not to use it. The wizard who wasn't.

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I review Patricia Lockwood’s Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

The first sentence of this review contains the phrase "lizard vaginas," automatically making it the best review ever.

Read it online at Avatar Review

I review novels by Claire Vaye Watkins and Julia Elliott in Bluestem Magazine

Sometimes I write things that are not made up! In this case, I write about things that are made up by other people!

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The Proof

A monthly column about booze in Do Savannah. Yes, sometimes I get paid to drink free whiskey.

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I drank and lived to write about it for Savannah Magazine

Sampling some cocktails, and by some, I mean too many to be able to accurately describe the last of them.

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The Savannah Writing Scene at Real Pants

I write in Savannah where I write about writing in Savannah.

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