A Call to See Myself in Action

November 10, 2016

I want to see several women as president in my lifetime, not just one. I want to see the day when we refer to President Trump as the last man of European descent to have lived in the White House. I want to see our representative democracy filled with representatives who actually reflect the makeup of our democracy. I want to see Hispanic senators and black Speakers of the House and gay legislators and queer cabinet members and Muslims and atheists and so many women and people of all genders and and and and and and and… I want to see those very labels rendered unimportant. I want to see this happen at the state level. I want to see this at the local level. I want to be a single part of something 320 million times more interesting than the person I see in the mirror. What I want to see extends well beyond myself. But it’s my job to help see that it happens.

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